Drugstore Starter Kit

By: Vanessa “Vxie” 

First of, I would like to thank you all for checking out my blog. I’ve been brainstorming for days to see how I should start my beauty blog and how to display my makeup work. A little back story about me: I’ve been practicing Makeup Artistry for a while now and I am very proud of how far I’ve come. I enjoy trying different methods to create a looks for different events in which has grabbed the attention of previous clients. My goal for this blog is to show you what I use, makeup tips, and product reviews. 
To start off today, I want to talk about a Drugstore Starter Kit. For makeup artist beginners, you do not have to buy the expensive products. Your main goal is to learn what essential products you will need for an everyday basis makeup application. When I first started using makeup , I would purchase from several different locations such as pharmacy stores or Walmart (my favorite superstore). The prices are reasonable and sometimes they do stock makeup collections that you may have not seen in Ulta or Sephora. And so for those that do not want to spend a fortune to start off, I will give you a list of essential  items that were useful to me as a beginner and till this day I use. 
List of Items:
  • Foundation                             
  • Primer
  • Concealer
  • Setting Powder
  • EyeShadow
  • Eyebrow Powder
  • Blush
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
Foundation can come in all shapes and sizes. One of my favorite Drugstore Foundations is the L’oreal True Blendable Match. Its more of a liquid foundation, buildable, more than10 color shades and its definitely a dupe version of MAC Studio Fix. It’s about $9-$10 a bottle. 
Primer can be used before applying foundation. The more levels of products the more the foundation will last. I use Maybelline Instant Pore Eraser that can cost you about $7. Its a dupe version of Benefit Cosmetics Pore fessional.
Concealer is a big way to remove any under eye discolorations. I use Maybelline Fit Me concealer but its very similar to the MAC cosmetics Pro Longwear. The price is about $7.99
Setting Powder is a way to set your concealer or even foundation. You can use this or just a basic powder. However, for better results I would stick with setting powder. Airspun is an excellent and it gives you about 3 color options. Price runs $5-6. I would also recommend Ben Nye Banana Powder in which you can buy it in different bottle sizes on Amazon. Price is about $10-$20.
Eyeshadow is one of your main fundamentals to makeup applications. There will be all sorts of palettes available online or in store. I love to use Morphe Brushes all the way due to the high pigmentation of color and cost. However, if you are looking for a local palette, I would suggest to use Maybelline Nudes palette. It will give you the primary colors to start and then you can eventually invest in higher end palettes. The cost will be about $8 per palette since they have a variety of color schemes.
Eyebrow Powder or Pomades are a big deal in order to set the look of the face. I tend to use Salon Perfect Pomades and Powders. The cost is about $5 which is the cheapest you will find out there. 
Blush or Bronzer are great finishing touches for your makeup applications. Milani Cosmetics or Physicians formula have great Blush/Bronzer mixed colors (all in one) to save you big bucks. Costs are about $10-$12. 
Mascara can have many design bristles to really make your eyelashes stand out. L’oreal has the best mascaras out there especially the Voluminous in Paradise mascara which would cost you about $9. Eyeliner can be either gel or pencil. I recommend using NYX Cosmetics in which you will find in select drugstores such as CVS and they have a Matte Liquid Eyeliner which cost about $7. 

I hope this quick list will help you in your journey as a beginner in makeup application. In the near future, I will talk about the essential tools to use for makeup applications. Everyone starts somewhere.