11 Essential Brushes

As you know, my last post was mainly on the drugstore starter kit. Now, in order to use some of these lovely products, I’m writing today about the 11 essential makeup brushes that you would need for everyday.  If you’ve visited my Instagram account, scrolled down through some of the pictures and you will see images of my makeup brushes to the point where I’ve changed my brush holder a couple of times. At the same time, my brush holder continues to run small with the amount of brushes I still purchase throughout the year.
As an artist, it’s very important to have the right equipment to be on the GO if you are a freelancer or a professional wedding makeup artist that’s always booked every weekend. People assume that we as artist, can just use one or two brushes to create the look we want; in which in most cases it can be true. However, it you want to accomplish a cut crease, smokey eye shadow – glammed look, you will need to look at the list below.
#11 The Foundation brush is a brush that has evolved from a flat brush to a beauty sponge. At this point, I’m pretty sure that every single reader has at least two sponges in their vanity. To be honest, I have seven! I will explain why I have seven beauty blender sponges in a different part of the blog. But first, there are two main brushes that will give you a smooth application. Morphe Brushes M431 Deluxe Buffer is a full domed brush that has the density to apply foundation evenly and flawlessly. It has synthetic bristles which makes them perfect for liquid to cream since it does not trap the makeup. Real Techniques  Blend + Blur All Over Brush extremely works great with liquids, creams, and powders. This is considered a Techni brush because you can use this as blush or bronzer brush; it’s definitely a multi-tasker!
#10 Concealer Brushes are the rarest ones to find due to its type of application. Remember when I said earlier I have seven beauty blenders? Well, can you imagine what I use them for…yes Concealer application! Beauty Blender is the top brand for flawless application for foundation and concealer, but I specifically use it for concealer application. The reason I have seven is because I do not like to reuse the sponge too much since it can trap bacteria overtime. The recent beauty sponge designs were mostly a round base with a pointed end. Now, a lot of competitors are creating this beauty blender with a wedge-like side such as Ecotools and Morphe Brushes, similar to the disposable wedges that you would purchase from the pharmacy. Again, my holy grail for concealer application is a Beauty Blender. However, if you are not a fan of sponges then Plan B is the Morphe E57 Pointed Concealer, a synthetic brush that is thick and flat to get those inner corners or to contour your jawline.
#9 When you have finished with your concealer, you need to make sure that you set the face before applying bronzer or blush. The style of the brush is either a round or tapered. The more pointed it is, the better it can concentrate on the areas needed. First, Real Techniques Powder Brush is a nice large brush that you can use to set the face. It acts as a dual fiber brush that can be versatile with other medias. Morphe Brushes R3 Precision Pointed Contour is an excellent brush as well as Luxie Beauty Luxie Rose 536 brush.
#8 Blending brushes are an important asset for the makeup artist. During a photoshoot or bridal makeup appointment, you will see up to 5-15 blending brushes in an makeup artist’s brush belt. It can range from natural to synthetic and from fluffy to tightly packed together. One of the best blending brushes again are the Morphe Brushes. Such an example is the E27 Pro Round Blender! This is a tapered blending brush that has a rounded tip for buffing in color and blurring away harsh lines. It does exactly that. It easily removes any harsh lines when creating a smokey effect up-to the brow bone. A second example of a great blending brush is the Y14 Pro Detail Highlight. The Website describes it a “slender brush with a tapered tip  to give you precise highlight while diffusing color and blending seamlessly” (Morphebrushes.com). When using it as a blending brush for the eyes, its works wonders!
#7 Eyeshadow brushes are great to pack on eyeshadow on your lid or even to use as a contour detail brush to concentrate solely on the area you want. Sephora Collection Pro Allover Shadow #12 is a great eyeshadow brush. It has the natural mix of soft pony fibers and stiff goat hairs to ensure a better blend.
#6 Eyeliner Brushes can range from angled to straight. The best I’ve seen is the EloJello Straight to the Point Brushcreated by Elizabeth Seropian (IG@elojelloseropian). She’s a makeup artist from Sherman Oaks, California and trained by Lilit’s Makeup Studio.  This brush is precisely clean and sharp when creating the cat eye with a powder or gel. You are only able to get this brush from Naimies website from California.  
#5 Smudge Brushes are used especially for areas to concentrate for a smokey eye look. If you do not want to use an eyeliner brush because it does not give a natural look, then the smudge brush is for you. Luxie Beauty #223 is a short shader brush that comes with a rounded head to target your application, making pigment packing and color smudging a breeze.
 #4 Blush brushes can vary from angled to round shapes. Luxie Beauty Rose Gold #514is an excellent blush brush. This brush has synthetic fibers with a fluffy top that perfectly creates an easy blend and easily applies the color onto the apples of your cheeks.
#3 Bronzer brushes are a type of brush that also varies from size due to its use. Sometimes using a fluffy powder brush is great, but if you need a precise detail brush to be the best bronzer out there, here’s what I think you need. Real Techniques stocks the Expert Brushwhich the bristles are tightly packed that makes it work great for bronzer application. Sephora Pro Airbrush 55 is advertised as a foundation brush, but in fact, it works better as a bronzer brush. Crown Brushes C504 Pro Angled Bronzer brush is a tapered head angled brush with synthetic fibers does not trap the product, hence spreading evenly across.
#2 Brow Brushes & Spoolie combos are very good brushes to have in your kit to mix in with your pomades or brow powders. Morphe Brushes E29 Angled Brow/Spoolie is the brush to go with. It’s every inexpensive and compact to take with you on the road.
#1 Lip brushes are usually the last thing on your mind as an essential makeup brush. It’s a small, thin brush in which a lot of makeup artists prefer not to use all the time. They prefer to use disposables lip brushes for their kit. However, it’s always nice to have a couple of lip brushes. Sigma Brushes has the L04 and L05 lip brushesthat have 5 star reviews. The size of the brushes help focus on the small details of the lip. The best part…..it’s versatile! You can use this brush for the eye, concealer, and contour. Not Bad!
I hope you find these 11 essential brush list helpful. I’ve gone through several brushes as a makeup artist and I love giving advice to readers that would of wish to have been given a list to start off from.
By: Vanessa “Vxie”