How to Create a Makeup Vanity

We left off last week on the 11 essential brushes and the types of brands I would suggest for all of you to look into for your kit as an artist or makeup junkie. Aside from having these amazing tools of equipment, one of the main necessities to have is a makeup vanity. I’m assuming you have pin boards on Pinterest of makeup brands, brushes, and makeup vanity set ups you wish to get. Today, I will provide suggestions and tips of where to purchase these furnishings. 
First thing, you need a office table that can measure 24″x 60″ or 24″ x 48″ (whichever one you prefer). Depending on which websites or stores you use, I would suggest to start with Ikea. Why you ask? Well, its cheaper and very easy to build. Currently, Ikea has the Malm Dressing Table, which is this blog’s main picture, that can be an excellent space saver if you are limited. However, if you would like a bigger table, then the Linnmon/Adils Table is the best size to use. 
Next, you need will to find the lights and the  mirror for this setup.  If you already have a large mirror, you can definitely skip this part. If not, stop by your local Homegoods or Marshalls where they stock different style mirrors. The bigger the mirror, the better the set up. Make sure the mirror is as long as your table.  These mirrors can go from $35-$110. 
 As you set up your makeup room, please remember to select an area with the most direct sunlight to help you with your everyday application. You can add a secondary vanity mirror for close ups if need be (that’s what I use). Costco or Boscov’s usually have these smaller size lighted mirrors for your convenience, such as the Conair Double Sided Lighted Mirror, to sit on your vanity desk as an additional light source. But, if you feel you would rather invest in a more sophisticated mirror set, visit Impressions Vanity website where it has the top of the notch set ups varied by size and price (depending what works with your budget).  
Storage is a big deal for us ladies when it comes to storing away products we haul over. One of my favorites is the Ikea LACK Wall Shelf. You have probably seen this shelf in numerous images for its modern, sleek display of accessories in any given space. I personally own two of these and its absolutely a space saver. In addition to the LACK wall shelf, you can use any dressers you have laying around your house that you do not use by salvaging them. You can repaint or spray them with the color of your choice. To keep the inside of the dressers organized, Amazon sells great drawer organizers that you can use, such as the Clear Plastic 6 Piece Set. 
Keep in mind that on your desk or shelves you can display brush holders, makeup organizers as you please, such example is a set sold by Amazon the Sorbrus Acrylic Case Display. The price is great and you can buy several depending on the amount of products you have. 
Last but not least is the vanity stool. Finding an ideal chair where you can sit comfortably to do your makeup is extremely important. Stop by your local Homegoods or Marshalls where they have excellent accent chairs that can be useful without breaking the bank. The most you would spend is $75. 
Tip: if you want to add more decor to your makeup vanity, you can do so by adding candles, flowers, or picture frames. Its optional to also have a small white faux fur rug underneath your vanity. Currently I do not own one since I know it would be high maintenance due to its color. 
I hope this has helped you as it has helped me in the past when I would do my own research as to how I would set up my makeup vanity area. 
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