How to find your Shade

As previously stated on the last blog, having a morning routine is essential in making sure you have enough time to do your makeup before work. However, if you do not have the right foundation shade (in which will set your whole look) then you will be wasting time. I would assume that you have gone through several foundations trying to find the right color and still feel that the shades you pick is either orange or pink, when your goal is too look natural. Today, I will teach you how to find the right foundation shade.

To begin with, when you are looking for foundation in pharmacy’s, superstores, or department stores make sure you do not have any makeup on. Many individuals have made the mistake of going to these stores with makeup and the sales associate will just assume that’s your natural color. Once you’ve purchased the foundation, you go home and realized it’s darker than expected. I’ve made that mistake! But I’ve learned my lesson.

Second, learn what color hues you have on your face. Do you tan darker in the summer or do you usually get pink/red? This will help you in selecting what category you land such as Cool, Neutral, and Warm.

Cool tones are shades that tend to be more pink hues. If you tend to burn during the summer and you are a complete lobster, then you are a cool tone. Another great way to check if you are a Cool tone, check the veins of your wrist. If they appear blue/purple colors, you are a Cool tone. Such example of what a cool tone shadow looks like, see below:

Neutral tones are shades that tend to be more olive and tan. If in the summer,  you burn red and still have some tan color at the same time, then you are a neutral done. Also, If your wrist shows blue/green, you are a neutral color. See example below: 

Warm Tones are shades that have more yellow hues. If you absolutely just get tanned in the summer and absolutely do not get burned, then you are a warm tone. If your veins in your wrist shown green/olive, then you are a warm tone.

Now this next step is what’s most important. While visiting the makeup store, experiment placing foundation samples near your neckline where there is less makeup applied and will not alter the color. Your face will always have some time of acne or redness in which it will make it very difficult to figure out the actual color of your shade, so always make sure your face is clean. Keep in mind what category you are and only shop in that area. 

Make sure to try on several before your final purchase. Now…..its time to shop!!