For an everyday look, it’s not necessary to “Contour” however it’s helpful to know two different ways in doing it so when it’s necessary, you will be in good shape. Practice makes perfect and it will take several tries to get it right. You will need the following items:

  • Contour Palette (cream, liquid, or powder)
  • Tapered Brush
  • Contour Brush
  • Beauty Sponge

Alternatives if you do not have a specific Contour Palette, you may use the following :

  • Concealer (light, dark) 
  • Setting Powder (preferably banana powder) 
  • Bronzer
Let’s Begin:

I’ve already applied foundation on my face. 

Concealer : Using a light shade concealer, create a triangle underneath your eye and pat gently with a beauty sponge.

Contour: Using a dark concealer, I will apply this on a dish and use a contour brush to apply on the outline of my jaw by creating a “fishy” face. Then, blend the darker color onto your skin to create an airbrush finish.

Setting Powder: Using a tapered brush, gently pat the setting powder under your eyes and slight around the rest of the face. More powder is needed for underneath the eyes. 

Bronzer: Using a multipurpose brush, I use the bronzer to outline a bit more color by using soft strokes. 

Finished Product