Color Correct

Did you ever feel that after applying foundation or concealer you still felt that your skin was not completely finished? Would puffiness or redness show through the applications? Well, one of the main applications for makeup that will help eliminate these problems is to color correct. 

Color correct has been a great tool for many artists in the makeup industry, in addition to several makeup influencers have pave the way to make this a priority. The best way to understand color correct is first to follow a guide such as a color wheel.

You may find these at Amazon and or Michaels.

With color, there are three primary colors: Red, blue, and yellow. Out of these colors, you are able to create Green (blue + yellow) Purple (red + blue) and Orange (yellow + red). To understand how this relates to the skin, you must understand each other’s complementary colors.

a stock color wheel showing the rainbow of colors and their compliments

Red —> Green
Purple —> Yellow
Blue —> Orange
If your skin appears to have redness, you make use a green concealer or as the industry calls it, “green color corrector”. 
If you have purple coloration under your eyes, you make use a yellow color corrector. But if you have the opposite scenario where you have yellow discoloration, you may use a purple color corrector.
If your skin appears to have a blue/purple, you would use an orange color corrector.

In order to find a budget-friendly color correctors, below I’ve listed the following products I use from time to time.