CHANEL my room

To create an interesting ambient in a room, I like to use luxury items. However, I do not have the budget for it. If I did buy it just for one time, I would keep it as a special room decor.  One my favorite products that I’ve bought in the past are Chanel. The scent is elegant and womanly in which would make anyone irresistible. Not only do I love Chanel’s collections (beauty, clothing), but I love to see how many artists create their own versions of the products in a modern way. This has benefit me in decoring my “Me Room”, what I call I’ve Chanel my room.
First, I recently bought an Etsy Download for $5 just for three images of COCO CHANEl in three different printable sizes for your own home. Ideally, print them from a professional so that the pixels print perfectly. Then, Ikea sells great white frames with a bit of design (cost $5.00). If you want to add some sass to your place whether it be in the makeup room or bathroom, you can definitely do it in a inexpensive way. 
Ikea SONDRUM Frame

Another way to Chanel my room would be to get a Chanel Tray in which I’ve done as an inexpenisve project by decoupaging a paper icon onto a wood tray to the color of my choice. It was a very easy process but took one day to completely finish. If you are interested in learning how to make it, please comment below. 

Lastly, a very simple way to add some Chanel Decor is printing out the logo on a sticker label and pasting it onto a square glass vase in which you can buy at any Michaels or Hobby Lobby stores for $5. See the below: