Clean + White

How to make my Vanity Clean + White

For the last couple of years, I’ve collected White Furniture for our master bedroom from IKEA. Its the most economical place to buy furniture for temporary use. Due to not having enough time to in a day or week to dedicate to myself, I was able to do some shopping at Ikea and Big Lots on my day off. My goal was to find organizers in white and with some textures to make my vanity area modern and timeless.

This is what the desk looks from a website (Ikea no longer makes this desk).

Great Ikea Micke Desk With Integrated Storage Urban Sales Nz throughout Micke Ikea Desk
Before I left my house, I decided to take a picture of my drawer and measured the interior dimensions. Using my Iphone 8 Plus, I was able to use the “Mark up” function to write dimensions on the photo I took. This function only works if you are going to send a picture message to someone. Select a random person; take a pic and it will give you the option to Mark Up. Once you are done using it, quickly Snapshot the photo and delete the message before it sends it to your random person!
Once I arrived to Ikea, I went through all the different sections of home and office and went directly to the office desk sections. There, I found this $7 drawer organizer in White that fit my dimensions. This is the Kuggis Insert with 8 Compartments. I used this compartment to for my foundations.
Next, I wanted to organize my brushes. I went to the plant section of Ikea and looked for Plant Pots and found these beautiful SKURAR Plant Pot for $3.99 each. 
Hope this helps your clean + White search for a vanity room.