Beauty Sponges

 Beauty Sponge

When I started in the makeup industry, my main foundation tool was a brush. I had no clue that sponges were a “thing” in early 2009 when I realized that makeup was my calling. I would go on youtube to be self taught and a lot of bloggers would post about beauty sponges. Little did I know, that every pharmacy had a dupe version of it. Now that we are in 2019, with all that I’ve spent in the past and tested so many sponges, I will let you know what my ultimate favorite sponges are. 
Elcie Cosmetics “Velvet Sponge”- The largest and smoothest sponge available. Once you damp this sponge, it automatically becomes big as all usual sponges would. The difference is that this sponge is two times bigger than normal sponges. The concept of Lilit’s (the creator) sponge is to capture every contour line of your face with all sides of the tool. It sometimes reminds me of Aladdin’s Lamp (lol). This sponge is priced at $18.00. What I love about it is that it’s black; making it very hard to notice if it’s really dirty. This tool is sold only online and unfortunately it’s sold out again! When she relaunches, make sure to buy in bulk! I know I did. 
Eco Tools “Total Perfecting Blender”- This sponge for the price has to be my favorite if you are looking for an inexpensive tool. It is great with its wedge side, ideal for when you are trying to clean up with concealer for any harsh lines from your eye makeup. You can purchase this beauty in any beauty stores and Walmart! Depending on where you purchase it can vary in cost. Click here

Beauty Blender is the most popular beauty sponge in the industry and the reason why so many dupe versions of it exist. It’s the most inventive beauty tool aside from makeup brushes that make an application work. Their original design has evolved into smaller sizes for smaller areas of your face. I would say as far as cost, it still in the $20 range which is expected since it’s the creator. You may find these online or on 

Now, shop away Makeup Gurus and tell me what is your favorite sponge!