But First, Prime!

One of the main skincare routines I following is always putting primer on before makeup. Primer helps makeup be applied smoothly. It gives a soothing feel and it will not make your face “cakey”, where it will show broken + textured foundation onto your skin. 
One of the primers I love to use is Touch in Sol – No Poreblem Primer. It is very silky and with one single pump, it spreads evenly throughout your face to almost complete blur. A little goes a long way as they say. The price is actually moderately priced compared to other ones; its priced at $18.00 at Sephora. It is good for Normal, Oily, Combination, Dry, and Sensitive Skin. 
Another friendly primer would be the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. A good friend of mine suggested me to try this primer during the summer. It was a hot summer August Day, where I went to her job (Sephora) and she did a complimentary makeup for me with the minimum purchase of $50. It felt very light and it help contain my oily pores. The primer repels water so you will not look sweaty and will make your makeup look fresh. It’s highly priced at $54 but you can purchase the mini travel size version for $20.
Lastly, a makeup primer that has been useful to me is Too Faced-Hangover Replenishing Face Primer. It definitely hydrates and smooths skin prior to applying foundation. Primers like this make No Makeup Monday perfect. It will provide a dewy look so it can give you a glow you are looking for. It’s priced at $34 but Sephora does offer a mini version as well. 
Always keep your skin in good condition for you will not want to hydrate it with all the makeup foundations + powders you apply. Hope this helps your as your #TuesdayTip