Perfect Paris

Bonjour mon cheri! We are back and we are talking about Paris. I’ve never visited the city of love + lights, but one day I shall make that dream a reality. In the meantime, I would like to share one of my favorite items that have inspire to me create a Parisienne lifestyle, but only in America. One of the main products in which I love to use are Paris-Inspired makeup + decor. My taste is very vintage with accents of white and black. I love to use slight blush colors + accessories to create texture.
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 Recently, I’ve visited one of my favorite decor stores in CT; Hobby Lobby and found some really interested items that I will use to accessorize for my makeup vanity or just simply for flat lay photography. One of the first items was a glass perfume bottle.

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Next, I found a gorgeous fur rug that was on sale per yard. I didn’t want to purchase a stock rug that was overpriced. So, I settle to browse through their fabrics aisle.

See link below for the pricing for cut to size White Long Pile Faux fur fabric: Shop Here

Lastly, I found these amazing Paris inspired book boxes. They were vintage with a distressed look that fits the Perfect Paris theme. I will use this as props to give a glamour feel to my space.  Shop Here

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