Vintage Rouge

The Stylish Rouge is a lifestyle I created world wide in order to reach my audience to a particular taste not found through the eyes of the aspiring makeup artist. One of my favorite looks I’ve admired and still continue to be shown through several artists is vintage makeup. Vintage makeup is a stylized makeup that makes the woman’s cheek rosy, red soft lips, and black flirty lashes.

One way to achieve the look is by shaping your eyebrows into an arch with a dark pencil. Next, its all in the eyes: Mascara and eyeliner. You can create a simple eyeliner look with a liquid liner or pencil liner. “The Cat Eye” was introduced to enhance a woman’s eye to give a flirty look. A final touch is using a soft natural color on the lips. The use of coral, pink, and red lipstick to achieve the look.

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In order to achieve the look, you need the support of cosmetic brand that will give the vintage. It is your personal preference to see if you want “vintage” makeup since with any products you can create the look. However, I love the idea of support fellow brands that ultimately market themselves as vintage. One example is Besame Cosmetics. They provide Rouge creams for both lips and face, powders, and mascara.

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