Wake up To Make up


One of the main things I love about my home is how I make my “space” reflect my style. What I mean about “my space” is my makeup vanity/office. When I first moved in with my husband (at the time we were 4 months into our relationship), he purchased my very first vanity as a welcome home gift. It was the Ikea Micke Table – 2014 generation model. It was the best gift I’ve every received. This gift motivated me to continue into the makeup artistry because I felt that I had my own actual “space”. This is where my makeup story began.

Fast forward to today,  I wanted to expand my “space” and so I  invested into the White Lack shelf to help display my accessories. It has been one of my favorite pieces of furniture from Ikea. So many beauty bloggers have used this as a way to display their makeup products, perfume, silk plants etc. I use this to display all of my face and eye products in different storage compartments in order to not make it cluttered. Using the white Kuggis boxes, it has made it a very clean appearance.

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After I re-arranged my products around over time, I realized I needed to make another small investment into my vanity set. Ikea sells the Alex add on Unit in which its a piece of furniture that can sit on top of a 48” table. It provides two separate drawers; small enough to place some makeup brushes or make up palettes. With the purchase of their TYSNES mirror, it makes it easier to apply make up and stylize my hair when needed.

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My home is completely all Ikea products except for our living room couches and dining room set. Since our apartment is very small, we love to use Ikea products since their furniture is very modular and practical for our current living situation. In addition, it has become a very affordable option for anyone looking for a bargain find. When I wake up to make up, I love how my space feels. It is very white, clean, and minimal as I am as a beauty professional.