What’s in my Bag: Beauty Essentials

My handbag is my signature. The color, texture, and style is what reflects me as an artistic individual. When I carry my bag around, I think about my beauty essentials I keep with me at all times in case of emergencies. Sometimes I feel like gypsy carrying her life around as if I was moving somewhere; that’s how much stuff I carry.

Now as I get older, I have achieve the goal of reducing the amount of “crap” I fill my bag with and have kept it very organized so it is very easy to find my beauty essentials. So what’s in my bag you wonder?  Let’s get started.

Body Spray Mist

One of my  pet peeves is smelling like food every time I eat lunch. I do not like the smell of food on me just in case I have to meet my husband for dinner out. I use “Beautiful Day Fine Fragance Mist” from Bath and Body works; this smell is very refreshing especially if you need a quick spritz. It retails for $14.00 but now its on sale for $3.50. Click Here to shop.

Sunglass + Sunglass Case

Lately, my husband and I have been doing some spring cleaning in our home and I’ve come across a sunglass case that was given to me about a year ago. I do not remember exactly who gave it to me but I had it tucked away because I assumed it was another makeup goodie bag (I have tons from Ipsy). I do not have a vendor’s name but I did want to give you a possible store in which you can purchase a similar one. It is very stylish and reminds me of the beach with the sun burst key chain it has. The colors are turquoise with gold lettering. Click Here to Shop similar options.


I have a crazy obsession of having a lot of lipsticks in my bag for some reason. I like to have small options depending on my outing situation. It can be work, night out, movies, dinner etc. I like to be prepared.

  1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip gloss – Snow Pink/ Rose Beige 205 @ $5.97 ea
  2. Morphe Brushes Lipgloss – Flower Crown @ $8.00 ea
  3. NYX Pump It up Lip Pumper – PIU 01 Angelina @ $9.99 ea
  4. MAC Cosmetics Liptensity Lipstick – DOE @ $13.20 ea

Key Pouch

Lastly, I keep around in my purse a key pouch from Daisy Rose bags. What I love about their new designed handbags is that they’ve created a dupe version of Louis Vuitton – Checkered design. LV signature is to have their logo in one of the checkered boxes on the exterior of the bag, in which Daisy Rose does not, which is good because they are not following the design technique too much. The color is a bit lighter but for the price ($49.97 vs $1320) you can’t beat.

This key pouch I use when I quickly need to head out and I place my credit cards in there for the GO. This pouch is priced at $15 on amazon. They have it in Cream and Brown. This pouch is actually bigger than the LV version which is even better.

So, what’s in your bag??