Diptypue + Makeup

  Diptypue + Makeup: DIY Makeup Holder

I really love candles, especially from Ikea. The prices are really great and the candles all have a great smell. My favorite candle scent is the vanilla. It is soft and leaves a great scent throughout my home. Now,  the only problem I am left with is an empty jar with a lot of leftover wax. I am a person in which I do not like to throw out certain items because I feel that I will reuse them again in a way. With the power of Pinterest is how I found my solution: a  DIY Makeup Holder. For this tutorial, you do not have to use brushes; it can be lipsticks, foundations, concealers etc.

1. First step: clean the candle glass jar. Boil a pot of hot water. Once it has reached a boiling point, pour it into the candle jar and let it sit over night.

2. Next day, remove the top layer of wax sitting on the surface of the water. Rinse the glass jar and scrape any residue left. Note: Use wire sponge just in case. Now it is all cleaned

3. If you want to accessorize it or create a pretty decal, I use printed paper stickers. This part is definitely an option for you. Personally, I really wanted to use a Diptyque candle stickers.

4. Finished product!

If you have want a tutorial into how I made the Diptypue stickers, stay tuned for the next post.