Favorite Carryons for a Last Minute Getaway

Before October begins in a couple of days, I know a lot of people will start to book last minute getaway weekends in the fall. It can be cheaper, it can be less busy and it does not have to be an issue when considering other co-worker’ s schedule.

If you are like me, then you will pack as if you were going away for a month when it actually is for 2-3 days. Then,you will need to have the best carryons for your last minute trip. Here are some of my favorites.

Steve Madden

When I shop in Marshall’s, I love to go through the book back sections. Carryons are normally just rolling suitcases, but if you are only taking a couple items, a duffle bag is always the best. Recently, I found on Amazon the Steve Madden Duffle Wheeled bag.

It goes for $79 through Amazon Prime. It’s a 20x13x10 size with a soft exterior fabric and beautiful maroon color trim.

Daisy Rose

Since I discovered Daisy Rose this summer, I became obsessed with their products. They’ve created the checkered look tote bags; inspired by Louis Vuitton Designs but for an affordable price.

Their most recent creation are the miniature size bag-backs. This past summer trends have led to small bag-backs as your main purse. Although the bag is small, it’s perfect as a carryon personal item to carry your phone, wallet etc.

This beauty is sold for $43 on Amazon! Not bad for a luxury inspired bag.

Dagne Dover

Lastly, the last bag that I would recommend for your last minute getaway would be the Dagne Dover bag. Their collection of bags are absolutely beautiful. The only downside is that they are extremely over budget, but great for your travel needs.

This is the Landon Carryon bag which comes in extra Small to Extra Large; Price ranges are from $95-$215. For your last minute getaway trip, you would need the Extra Large size.

These types of bags are fashionably great pieces and in great prices if you are looking for a budget friendly piece.

The best source of research I’ve used to find these beauties has always been on Instagram ads. It’s amazing how this social media platform provides you with similar resources for what you are looking for.