Scarves + Five ways to Wear Them

Hello Sunday!!!! As you know, Sundays are for relaxing and just sitting back to watch some football, have a beer, and reflect on how to take on the New week. This week’s forecast of the weather is a bit uncertain, however I always keep my scarves ready when its time. Speaking of scarves, as you may not know, I have about 28 scarves and counting. I buy different size scarves just to give my outfit an interesting appearance. Do you wonder how I wear my scarves or tie them? Well, let’s give you an insight into five ways to wear them.

First things first, when purchasing scarves you have options from Blanket Oversized scarves to infinity scarves. I personally love the oversized scarves because its easier to convert them into articles of clothing (casually). But, if you have any ordinary scarf, I will provide a basic outline that is very easy to follow.

Multi-colored scarf – Marshalls
Checkered Brown Bag- Daisy Rose Bags

The Twist and Drape method and Easy Folded Loop is one of my favorite ways to tie a scarf. Since its very hard to describe how to do this method, below is a visual of how you can achieve these methods.

One big tip I would love to give you is where to purchase these beauties. My favorite stores to purchase scarves range from Marshalls, Walmart, Amazon (online) and Pop-up shops. But, the best time to purchase scarves would be the beginning of October as new style trends become available and harder to find interesting designs after the Winter begins.

Let me know what you think of this method and what other methods you feel are better for your everyday look.

See you later my Stylish Chic.