How to DIY the Perfect Costume under $30

It has officially begun! Fall is here! And the leaves are falling in all sorts of colors, shapes, and textures. To me, the best part: Halloween is around the corner.

Over the years, I’ve managed to come up with many different costume ideas. One year I found a very interesting costume at a Spirit Halloween store “The Coogle Outfit”. It is inspired by Google and its homepage (the infamous search bar page). The Top Shirt displays the search bar, the gray skirt displays the keyboard letters, and lastly, the costume came with a separate accessory item (underwear) in which displayed the search bar again with a catchy phrase “Search me”.

The mistake with these costumes is that it can get overly priced just to be used for one day. Now as a married woman, I think about keeping under budget and creating a costume in which its components can be re-used for other occasions. This year, my Halloween Costume Idea is to be a gypsy. I love the idea of a mysterious character that just uses simple articles of clothing to create the look. So, let’s being in How You DIY the Perfect Costume under $30.

Image result for gypsy costume diy


First, reuse a white shirt or any color shirt you may have. It does not have to be white but, Black and Red colors would be more vibrant enough to complete a look that I’m looking for. It might be the colors for you. If you need to purchase a shirt, Marshalls always has a clearance section. Your Max spending should be $5.


This can range from old ripped pants, skirts, shorts, stockings etc. Reuse any old pants/bottoms that may seem interesting as a costume such as Hippy, 80s, Witch etc. If you can not find any bottoms that would fit, visit a local Walmart Sale section where a lot of their apparel would be under $5 each.


This is where the tricky part comes. Sometimes, you do have to invest just a bit to make you costume stand out. In my case, I will be dressed as a gypsy, so my only type of necessary purchase is to have a Gypsy coin skirt (valued at $15). However, for your own very inexpensive costume, visit a local dollar store in which you would be able to find some hidden gems for just $1! Examples such as scarves, tiaras, gloves, eyewear, skirts etc. So, if you need three items that will be $3!!!


Now, I am a makeup artist so I have plenty of palettes to use for what I need. However, sometimes I need to find that one item that can be essential such as white foundation, skin decals etc. To efficiently find this inexpensively, you must search again back at a Dollar Tree and/or Party City. You will find these under $10. Do not buy a huge make up kit; but stick to one that can be valued at $5.99 or less.

Halloween Time

Now, keep in mind that Halloween is only for one day. Do not overspend if its not in your budget. Your max in spending for Halloween should be under $30 for just the mere accessories. The actual costume should be something you have used in the past and can make it more creative. Now, Have fun Trick or Treating with your Family.