Best Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Its almost that time to get your Halloween makeup in gear for next week, but first it all depends what you want to be. For myself, I want to be a Gypsy. My ideal Makeup look is to have Dramatic eyes, long lashes, sparkle + highlighter on cheeks, dark lip color etc. Just like my costume, there can be many ideas for the spooky day and so we will discuss a few that completely stands out for 2019.

Jessica Rabbit

The idea of Jessica Rabbit is to have a long, luxurious red hair with big wide green eyes. The purple eye shadow is her signature to make her eyes pop from the contrasting color of her hair. If you have blue eyes, you would need to get temporary green eye contacts. Your eye liner would have to be very dramatic + dark to make the eye pop against the purple eyeshadow.


Cleopatra makeup is the type of makeup that can be one of the easiest to do. Your cat eye liner has to be completely dramatic; a turquoise eye shadow or gold on your lid, and gold shimmer on your lower kid, cheeks and brow bone. The use of the black eyeliner was important to ancient Egyptians so ideally you would need to incorporate this color for your costume.


The best and easiest technique is the mermaid makeup look. In order to create this look, you need to use a fishnet to create the scales on your face. Place your head inside the fishnet; use any shimmer makeup color you may have and start to brush on your forehead and side cheeks in order to contour. Then, remove the fishnet from your head and it will show the scales of a mermaid on your face. At this stage, you may add any other makeup choices to complete the look (lashes, glitter eyeshadow, pink lipstick).

Halloween Week

Now, that Halloween is approaching..have fun, play safe, and be cool.