Black Friday Shopping

Its already that time of the year…..its CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIME!! Since November is going to be such a long month, all of the retail stores are advertising for early Black Friday sales for Christmas shopping. We are completely ignoring the fact that Thanksgiving is an important holiday as well, but people remember it for Black Friday and the ability to display the Christmas tree the next day. My dear friends have already taken out their Christmas tree today as the first weekend of November!!! Now as you may know, Black Friday sales are more common throughout the month versus the actual day. Black Friday is a day event where people plan and spend exactly what they would like to get their loved ones, so what do you think will be on my shopping list this year, well let’s take a look.

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My step sons are well in their teens and I feel this is where it gets tricky. After spending so much time with them on certain weekends, I realized they are very entertained with the Xbox; specifically Fortnite (ehh). So, one of my ideas for them this year is to give them gift cards for their Xbox purchases. Secondly, the kids are very much into sneakers, luckily they are the type of kids that prefers us parents not to spend a fortune (they are so thoughtful). So, my plan is to purchase sneakers from Marshalls because kids’ sneakers are usually at 50%-70% off the original price.

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My husband is an interesting individual where purchasing a gift can be a bit of a challenge. He loves anything related to electronics, gym, and cars. So, my first gift idea to get my husband is an amazon gift card. He loves to shop online for very particular, miscellaneous items. When he shops on Amazon, he gets lost with all the crazy “lightening” deals they provide every time. Secondly, I love to stop by Macy’s Clearance section during Black Friday. He needs a new robe and slippers as he loves to wear fuzzy socks around the house as the cold approaches. At times, I would get him new pjs and sweaters to have in our home.

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Parents + Siblings

Now, the best part about Black Friday sales are finding small goodie items! When it comes to gifting to my parents and siblings, I tend to do a “goodie box” to spend less and give it more of a personal touch. I normally reuse existing amazon boxes and wrap them up in dollar tree wrapping paper. As far as what I love to package in these boxes are the fun part:

  • Mug – Usually with creative texts or designs
  • Winter hats
  • Picture Frame – usually a picture of myself with each of them separately
  • Candle
  • Sweater and/or Graphic Tee
  • Fuzzy Socks

If my family wanted something very specific, I would gift them separately along with the goodie box I would prepare. When I wrap the goodie boxes, I love to use interesting wrapping paper that reflects the person’s personality and taste. This is what creates my personal touch to their gifts.

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Work Friends

Lastly, we have our work friends whom we want to purchase gifts during the Black Friday sales. Normally in the workplace, co-workers prefer to do a gift allowance of $20 (which is fine by me) in order to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. During the Black Friday, the best place to find gifts under $20 would be at Walmart and Macy’s. If you visit the beauty aisle, these stores have pre-made packages of perfume, lotion, and body mist for under $25. This would be the perfect gift for a Work Gift exchange.

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