DIY Family Holiday Cards


For this year, we wanted to do a nice family holiday card. However, we did not want to spend a fortune on photos and printing. So, here’s are tips in how we DIY our own Family Holiday Card.


If you have an iPhone or Android that takes perfect pictures, make sure to take the picture on landscape mode. The use of a tripod is essential but most importantly, an iPhone camera shutter remote. This well help you control the iPhone to take picture without a timer.

For our photo, we used our Canon Rebel T6 with the standard lens. We used a tripod to hold it at a particular height to take the picture. Our camera has really nice features such as the Creative Auto, where I can adjust the brightness of the camera shot before taking the actual picture. But the best part, canon offers a camera app where I can remotely use the camera from my phone to take the shots.

Matching Outfits

To have matching outs, we spend too much in buying clothes that we would not wear, so we purchased PJ bottoms from Walmart for about $11 each. The Santa Hat was about $3 each. We just made sure to have a plain white or black shirt to offset the pattern of the bottoms. We all matched!

Editing Software

The best part of creating the DIY card is the software you use; this is the best part. I love to use Lightroom, Canva, and Over for Marketing. But for this particular project, I used Canva. You can easily Download it from the Apple store into your phone. You should create an account for free to have all of your project templates saved. Canva offers different types of layouts, backgrounds, editing tools, etc. See Below:

Once you are finished, make sure to download image as PNG, not JPEG.