End of Year Outfits

I just realized that the new year will be next week and I realized I need a new outfit. Although I have a lot of clothes in my closet, I’m very superstitious about what colors to wear for positive energy into the new year. I was brought up with a tradition that every new year you must wear new underwear, new clothes, and new bedding sheets. Now you wonder what color signify positive things for the new year? Well, let’s get started.


I am not a big fan of gold but in order to get this color into my wardrobe for the new year, I would use a silver-gold outfit combo. If the outfit had a white background, that would complete my look. The significance of wearing gold is welcoming the new year with wealth to yourself. So if you want a great successful 2020 year, you must wear gold.


Finding a white outfit is very easy. You can easily wear white pants with a white blouse or a simple white dress. The only problem I have with white is that can be see-through. You should accessorize your outfit with gold jewelry if you want to double up your chances for the new year. The significance of wearing white is welcoming peace to the new year.


Lastly, red is the hardest outfit to find in my book. It all depends on the color hue of the red: wine red, ruby red, crimson red etc. Normally I would stick to a wine velvet dress that looks like a holiday dress. If you wear red for the New Year, it will bring your prosperity and luck.