2020 Resolutions

Its already December 31 and its now time to reveal the NYE resolution. From all the years that I’ve created a resolution, I’ve never really kept up with it. Why you ask? Distractions!! But this year is going to be different. I have more goals than before. Here is my list:


As you already know (or maybe not), I’ve been addicted to the gym lately. I’ve researched a lot of different exercises that I felt would help enhance my “booty gains” and back. However, in order for these muscles to really Pop, I have to worked on my diet completely. And so my NYE resolution #1: to have a healthier diet plan. For the first two weeks, I will go on a low to non Iodine diet; that means I can not eat pasta, rice, bread, milk, eggs, yogurt, etc. Anything that you can think of that has salt— removed! The only thing I can eat is fresh veggies, fruit, and protein (lean). Once I do this for two weeks and see how my body reacts, I will then add one cheat day weekly where I can control the amount of salt-sodium intake. The goal is to eat more green and shred so that my muscles can show.


The hardest part of money is budgeting for a certain goal you want to meet. Two years ago, my husband and I had a goal to save as much money as we can to pay for our wedding expenses. Last year’s goal was to pay back as much as we can from the wedding “after” expenses, including our 1st year anniversary trip which brings me to NYE Resolution #2: Pay off Debt from Jan-Mar to save money for a HOUSE! Yes!!! This year we really want to buy or start the process of looking into a home. We really want to expand but in order to do so, we need to save a lot and have no debt. So far, I am already exceeding my goal for Mid-Jan.


I really want to pursue my hobby of blogging more often by getting inspired by different content that can relate to you. It can be about beauty, home decor, recipes, photography tutorials etc. I love the idea of providing information to people that want to teach themselves skills that I’ve developed on my own; which brings me to NYE Resolution #3: Blog More consistently weekly (at least once a week). I’m addition, I will have finished created the Main HQ Website of my Creation: The Style Sister web which links The Stylish Rouge – Beauty Blog, and The Styled Collective – Photography + Floral Styling Services.

Career Development

If you didn’t know, I work in a tile showroom in the day in which I’ve done this kind of work since 2011. I am really good at it, but honestly I do not love it. After seeing how people complain about what they do 40 hours/week, it made me realize I didn’t want to be like them. I would rather be a in a work environment where I feel like the day is not dragging, but progressing.

My background is sales and design due to my degree. With the help of my first job that I landed when I was 21 (Sales), it has built my professionalism and made realize I want t ido more. So, this brings me to NYE Resolution #4: Search for a New Job that I love + Take Certification Courses to enhance my professional development. I love to work with product development which is very similar to what I do for The Stylish Rouge. When I write, I write about What products I love because I believe in them and their purpose. To me, that’s worth it for then trying to sell a product to just make a living.

Now, what is your NYE Resolution?