What is My Definition of a Lifestyle

Social Media is a gift to many to push their business to where it needs to be. Influencers, bloggers, celebrities etc, use this platform to show what their lifestyle + products are for the audience to purchase and for some its impossible to do so. Realisticly speaking, we do not have tons of clothes in our closet to promote online (such as RewardStyle or Poshmark), especially luxury brands; I would be broke! For some, its important to show these brands because they are getting paid to do so and that’s their particular lifestyle. Well I am like the rest of you; my lifestyle is pretty different.

My definition of a Lifestyle is a life that fits my interests for my family, financials, and hobbies. I love the idea that we do not just have one 9-5 job or for some it might be some odd hours in the day. My “lifestyle” is a style that gives me motivation to do what I love the next day. My definition of a lifestyle is to pursue personal and career growth.

Career growth is very important; that’s why I say we don’t just have one job. We should have multiple. If you’ve been through several in order to find a niche, that’s fine. I’ve been through several and it has shaped me into an individual that craves for more. I pursue a career where I want to Level Up and challenge myself to how far I can reach. I never settle on my first job. Sometimes jobs don’t have any more room to grow and pushed me to feel where I was insecure to apply because I was unsure of my experience. That is where I started! I watch webinars to educate myself in topics I am not familiar with and research ways to take courses online for free. When there was a nearby class, I took it. It all took motivation and goal that you want to achieve. For me, it was to make my resume and professional development stronger. Now, I still crave for more.

Personal growth is something that has become an addiction. I’ve become a gym rat where I push to be in shape and eat healthy. We are not getting any younger so now is the time to detox of anything bad in your body and workout. My personal growth lifestyle revolves around fitness. I work out every day I can and if not, I make sure not to fall into temptation of eating fast foods. In addition to fitness, I love to work with makeup and create different looks. I love to collect an insane amount of wallets and handbags for no reason!!! I know but my goal is to find them at an affordable price.

Overall, a your lifestyle should not reflect on what you see on social media. Your lifestyle should reflect on what’s important to you even it if was community service, hiking, cooking, yoga , etc. All it matters that you must original, not a replica.