New Brand Approach

Originally when I first started the The Stylish Rouge, it was about makeup and products. As the years went by, I realized that the makeup industry has expanded to so many niches that I felt it was not my calling anymore. I Love to do makeup, but I realize I had an even more exciting hobby, photography.

I love to take photographs and edit the images to give you a clear vision of what it represents. Once I discovered Lightroom, it was a whole new different field for me. I played around with the editing tools to the point where I created a new color palette to my IG account. My pictures looked better, the colors hues were on point to where I realized I love doing more than just photography—-I LOVE EDITING!

So, I decided to redirect my brand’s approach into creating presets for people that would like to provide a consistent theme and/or portfolio for their own person and/or commercial use. As more posts will come, my main mission for the Stylish Rouge is to give people my tools to visually recreate their captured moments. Along the way, I will create more new palettes, but for the meantime, my website is providing + editing to give you the best.