Books for Business – IG

Building an online presence can be very hard, specially in social media. What I’ve learned over the years is not how much you put out there but what you put that speaks about you, as artist.

For the new year, I wanted to make this brand more available in a way that it did reach people for things they didn’t have access to. So before I decided to make my new brand approach (as mentioned in my last post), I did some research in my brand’s mission. You ask how? Well, I read a book (half way done).

The book is called InstaStyle. I found this book on amazon and read the reviews so I said let’s give it a try. The first rule of thumb according to the book is to define your story. Your content creates a narrative story that shapes your mission. For example, a travel blogger’s content would be different places every day or every month.

My story is creating different presets depending on the season of the year. Since we are in January, my content from now to March will be a winter season theme. Then, my content will change from April to June, giving people access to have similar tools for their own.

This book does cover chapters for the following: Theme Aesthetic, Photoshoots, Lighting, Editing, etc. I would say it has inspired me to think about writing my own book.

The second book I love to use for business of IG is the Song of Style book, in which it is available to purchase through Amazon as well. This books helps you specifically with editing your images and how to stylize them. After reading this book, I realized I had no idea how to play with the apps and re-read the chapter carefully as to how to use them best. But, thankfully Youtube is very helpful with some many vloggers’ tutorials in how to use the apps.

NOw, I am on the search for a new book. Any suggestions?