The Blush Details

We are in love this month with all the pops of color: red and pink. We drive around to different shops to shop for the best decor and get overwhelmed . We realize that sometimes its not necessary to buy so many items for just one day. However, some have become very useful to decor your home to create an ambient feeling all year round. Especially this yummy donut…I mean doesn’t this blush image make you want to buy and eat! Or is it the details of the glazed blush donut with sprinkles sell it more?

I visited a Marshall’s store and realized that the best scent candles are out. The different floral scents are perfect for the spring and summer season, like the sand + fog candle. (By the way, this picture is using the Passion Preset available in the Preset page). When I look at decor like this, I am always drawn to the graphic content it has: lettering, packaging, color palette etc. As a consumer, its always important to be attracted to the product enough to purchase. Why is it important you ask? This is the mere reason online stores attract you to buy their product. You are attracted to the details of the photo.

When it comes to creating an attractive feed to your social media, you will need to have a balance palette so that the audience would like to watch more of what you do. So, this brings my favorite part; how to graphically create a valentine’s lush inspired preset that will make you feel as relaxed this month as you look over your feed like the graphics of this candle. To me, the key is to control clarity and texture of any image. The colors can always be adjusted based on your photo, but the details are what sells.

However, I will not show you what I mean yet because this new romantic preset will not be released for another couple of days, but in the meantime, what stands out to you when you purchase a product online?