DIY Family Holiday Cards


For this year, we wanted to do a nice family holiday card. However, we did not want to spend a fortune on photos and printing. So, here’s are tips in how we DIY our own Family Holiday Card.


If you have an iPhone or Android that takes perfect pictures, make sure to take the picture on landscape mode. The use of a tripod is essential but most importantly, an iPhone camera shutter remote. This well help you control the iPhone to take picture without a timer.

For our photo, we used our Canon Rebel T6 with the standard lens. We used a tripod to hold it at a particular height to take the picture. Our camera has really nice features such as the Creative Auto, where I can adjust the brightness of the camera shot before taking the actual picture. But the best part, canon offers a camera app where I can remotely use the camera from my phone to take the shots.

Matching Outfits

To have matching outs, we spend too much in buying clothes that we would not wear, so we purchased PJ bottoms from Walmart for about $11 each. The Santa Hat was about $3 each. We just made sure to have a plain white or black shirt to offset the pattern of the bottoms. We all matched!

Editing Software

The best part of creating the DIY card is the software you use; this is the best part. I love to use Lightroom, Canva, and Over for Marketing. But for this particular project, I used Canva. You can easily Download it from the Apple store into your phone. You should create an account for free to have all of your project templates saved. Canva offers different types of layouts, backgrounds, editing tools, etc. See Below:

Once you are finished, make sure to download image as PNG, not JPEG.

Black Friday Shopping

Its already that time of the year…..its CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIME!! Since November is going to be such a long month, all of the retail stores are advertising for early Black Friday sales for Christmas shopping. We are completely ignoring the fact that Thanksgiving is an important holiday as well, but people remember it for Black Friday and the ability to display the Christmas tree the next day. My dear friends have already taken out their Christmas tree today as the first weekend of November!!! Now as you may know, Black Friday sales are more common throughout the month versus the actual day. Black Friday is a day event where people plan and spend exactly what they would like to get their loved ones, so what do you think will be on my shopping list this year, well let’s take a look.

Photo by on


My step sons are well in their teens and I feel this is where it gets tricky. After spending so much time with them on certain weekends, I realized they are very entertained with the Xbox; specifically Fortnite (ehh). So, one of my ideas for them this year is to give them gift cards for their Xbox purchases. Secondly, the kids are very much into sneakers, luckily they are the type of kids that prefers us parents not to spend a fortune (they are so thoughtful). So, my plan is to purchase sneakers from Marshalls because kids’ sneakers are usually at 50%-70% off the original price.

Photo by Anthony on


My husband is an interesting individual where purchasing a gift can be a bit of a challenge. He loves anything related to electronics, gym, and cars. So, my first gift idea to get my husband is an amazon gift card. He loves to shop online for very particular, miscellaneous items. When he shops on Amazon, he gets lost with all the crazy “lightening” deals they provide every time. Secondly, I love to stop by Macy’s Clearance section during Black Friday. He needs a new robe and slippers as he loves to wear fuzzy socks around the house as the cold approaches. At times, I would get him new pjs and sweaters to have in our home.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

Parents + Siblings

Now, the best part about Black Friday sales are finding small goodie items! When it comes to gifting to my parents and siblings, I tend to do a “goodie box” to spend less and give it more of a personal touch. I normally reuse existing amazon boxes and wrap them up in dollar tree wrapping paper. As far as what I love to package in these boxes are the fun part:

  • Mug – Usually with creative texts or designs
  • Winter hats
  • Picture Frame – usually a picture of myself with each of them separately
  • Candle
  • Sweater and/or Graphic Tee
  • Fuzzy Socks

If my family wanted something very specific, I would gift them separately along with the goodie box I would prepare. When I wrap the goodie boxes, I love to use interesting wrapping paper that reflects the person’s personality and taste. This is what creates my personal touch to their gifts.

Photo by bruce mars on

Work Friends

Lastly, we have our work friends whom we want to purchase gifts during the Black Friday sales. Normally in the workplace, co-workers prefer to do a gift allowance of $20 (which is fine by me) in order to do a Secret Santa gift exchange. During the Black Friday, the best place to find gifts under $20 would be at Walmart and Macy’s. If you visit the beauty aisle, these stores have pre-made packages of perfume, lotion, and body mist for under $25. This would be the perfect gift for a Work Gift exchange.

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Best Makeup Ideas for Halloween

Its almost that time to get your Halloween makeup in gear for next week, but first it all depends what you want to be. For myself, I want to be a Gypsy. My ideal Makeup look is to have Dramatic eyes, long lashes, sparkle + highlighter on cheeks, dark lip color etc. Just like my costume, there can be many ideas for the spooky day and so we will discuss a few that completely stands out for 2019.

Jessica Rabbit

The idea of Jessica Rabbit is to have a long, luxurious red hair with big wide green eyes. The purple eye shadow is her signature to make her eyes pop from the contrasting color of her hair. If you have blue eyes, you would need to get temporary green eye contacts. Your eye liner would have to be very dramatic + dark to make the eye pop against the purple eyeshadow.


Cleopatra makeup is the type of makeup that can be one of the easiest to do. Your cat eye liner has to be completely dramatic; a turquoise eye shadow or gold on your lid, and gold shimmer on your lower kid, cheeks and brow bone. The use of the black eyeliner was important to ancient Egyptians so ideally you would need to incorporate this color for your costume.


The best and easiest technique is the mermaid makeup look. In order to create this look, you need to use a fishnet to create the scales on your face. Place your head inside the fishnet; use any shimmer makeup color you may have and start to brush on your forehead and side cheeks in order to contour. Then, remove the fishnet from your head and it will show the scales of a mermaid on your face. At this stage, you may add any other makeup choices to complete the look (lashes, glitter eyeshadow, pink lipstick).

Halloween Week

Now, that Halloween is approaching..have fun, play safe, and be cool.

How to DIY the Perfect Costume under $30

It has officially begun! Fall is here! And the leaves are falling in all sorts of colors, shapes, and textures. To me, the best part: Halloween is around the corner.

Over the years, I’ve managed to come up with many different costume ideas. One year I found a very interesting costume at a Spirit Halloween store “The Coogle Outfit”. It is inspired by Google and its homepage (the infamous search bar page). The Top Shirt displays the search bar, the gray skirt displays the keyboard letters, and lastly, the costume came with a separate accessory item (underwear) in which displayed the search bar again with a catchy phrase “Search me”.

The mistake with these costumes is that it can get overly priced just to be used for one day. Now as a married woman, I think about keeping under budget and creating a costume in which its components can be re-used for other occasions. This year, my Halloween Costume Idea is to be a gypsy. I love the idea of a mysterious character that just uses simple articles of clothing to create the look. So, let’s being in How You DIY the Perfect Costume under $30.

Image result for gypsy costume diy


First, reuse a white shirt or any color shirt you may have. It does not have to be white but, Black and Red colors would be more vibrant enough to complete a look that I’m looking for. It might be the colors for you. If you need to purchase a shirt, Marshalls always has a clearance section. Your Max spending should be $5.


This can range from old ripped pants, skirts, shorts, stockings etc. Reuse any old pants/bottoms that may seem interesting as a costume such as Hippy, 80s, Witch etc. If you can not find any bottoms that would fit, visit a local Walmart Sale section where a lot of their apparel would be under $5 each.


This is where the tricky part comes. Sometimes, you do have to invest just a bit to make you costume stand out. In my case, I will be dressed as a gypsy, so my only type of necessary purchase is to have a Gypsy coin skirt (valued at $15). However, for your own very inexpensive costume, visit a local dollar store in which you would be able to find some hidden gems for just $1! Examples such as scarves, tiaras, gloves, eyewear, skirts etc. So, if you need three items that will be $3!!!


Now, I am a makeup artist so I have plenty of palettes to use for what I need. However, sometimes I need to find that one item that can be essential such as white foundation, skin decals etc. To efficiently find this inexpensively, you must search again back at a Dollar Tree and/or Party City. You will find these under $10. Do not buy a huge make up kit; but stick to one that can be valued at $5.99 or less.

Halloween Time

Now, keep in mind that Halloween is only for one day. Do not overspend if its not in your budget. Your max in spending for Halloween should be under $30 for just the mere accessories. The actual costume should be something you have used in the past and can make it more creative. Now, Have fun Trick or Treating with your Family.

Scarves + Five ways to Wear Them

Hello Sunday!!!! As you know, Sundays are for relaxing and just sitting back to watch some football, have a beer, and reflect on how to take on the New week. This week’s forecast of the weather is a bit uncertain, however I always keep my scarves ready when its time. Speaking of scarves, as you may not know, I have about 28 scarves and counting. I buy different size scarves just to give my outfit an interesting appearance. Do you wonder how I wear my scarves or tie them? Well, let’s give you an insight into five ways to wear them.

First things first, when purchasing scarves you have options from Blanket Oversized scarves to infinity scarves. I personally love the oversized scarves because its easier to convert them into articles of clothing (casually). But, if you have any ordinary scarf, I will provide a basic outline that is very easy to follow.

Multi-colored scarf – Marshalls
Checkered Brown Bag- Daisy Rose Bags

The Twist and Drape method and Easy Folded Loop is one of my favorite ways to tie a scarf. Since its very hard to describe how to do this method, below is a visual of how you can achieve these methods.

One big tip I would love to give you is where to purchase these beauties. My favorite stores to purchase scarves range from Marshalls, Walmart, Amazon (online) and Pop-up shops. But, the best time to purchase scarves would be the beginning of October as new style trends become available and harder to find interesting designs after the Winter begins.

Let me know what you think of this method and what other methods you feel are better for your everyday look.

See you later my Stylish Chic.


Favorite Carryons for a Last Minute Getaway

Before October begins in a couple of days, I know a lot of people will start to book last minute getaway weekends in the fall. It can be cheaper, it can be less busy and it does not have to be an issue when considering other co-worker’ s schedule.

If you are like me, then you will pack as if you were going away for a month when it actually is for 2-3 days. Then,you will need to have the best carryons for your last minute trip. Here are some of my favorites.

Steve Madden

When I shop in Marshall’s, I love to go through the book back sections. Carryons are normally just rolling suitcases, but if you are only taking a couple items, a duffle bag is always the best. Recently, I found on Amazon the Steve Madden Duffle Wheeled bag.

It goes for $79 through Amazon Prime. It’s a 20x13x10 size with a soft exterior fabric and beautiful maroon color trim.

Daisy Rose

Since I discovered Daisy Rose this summer, I became obsessed with their products. They’ve created the checkered look tote bags; inspired by Louis Vuitton Designs but for an affordable price.

Their most recent creation are the miniature size bag-backs. This past summer trends have led to small bag-backs as your main purse. Although the bag is small, it’s perfect as a carryon personal item to carry your phone, wallet etc.

This beauty is sold for $43 on Amazon! Not bad for a luxury inspired bag.

Dagne Dover

Lastly, the last bag that I would recommend for your last minute getaway would be the Dagne Dover bag. Their collection of bags are absolutely beautiful. The only downside is that they are extremely over budget, but great for your travel needs.

This is the Landon Carryon bag which comes in extra Small to Extra Large; Price ranges are from $95-$215. For your last minute getaway trip, you would need the Extra Large size.

These types of bags are fashionably great pieces and in great prices if you are looking for a budget friendly piece.

The best source of research I’ve used to find these beauties has always been on Instagram ads. It’s amazing how this social media platform provides you with similar resources for what you are looking for.


We’ve officially entered into the Fall Season. My make up routine has changed since my anniversary summer vacation. I wanted to keep a very neutral palette around my eyes and face. With the help of eyelash curler, I’ve consistently use this tool to help my lashes stand out a bit. But before I spill the details, let’s start with the basics. 



When it comes to skincare routine, I’ve used too many products in the past that do not work well with my face. My skin is oily/dry/combo! Yes it sounds weird, but I’m all types. To help with hydration, I use Gold eye patches under my eyes and Baby Shampoo as my cleanser. Since I have eczema, I have to use non-scented creams and cleansers. I use a clean white cloth to exfoliate my face and remove impurities. 

                        Image result for baby shampoo walmart



My first product to review is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation. What I love about this foundation that its not cakey. If I want to add some time of bronze look onto the foundation, I mix it with L’oreal Glow Lotion. The glow lotion has a bit of dark creamy shimmer/highlighter. Its the perfect combination. At this phase, I am not adding any concealer to my under eye, as I am trying to keep it a bit natural. 

Image result for anastasia beverly hills foundation


Eye Makeup

To keep my eyes neutral, subtle, and soft for an everyday look, I’ve been using MAC Cosmetics – Soft Brown as my main eye-shadow. It has been the perfect color shade to blend with the rest of my face. On top of my lid, I use a black color eye shadow and an eyeliner brush to create a soft line. For my round eyes, it helps create a sultry look. Using the black-colored eyeliner will helps shape your eyes and also prevents UV rays from the sun. 

Then, I used the Tarte Cosmetics eyelash curler and put on some mascara. Using the lash curler everyday has helped my lashes pop more and more versus adhering false lashes in which can rip your natural lashes. 
                 Image result for mac eyeshadow soft brown


 I hope you enjoyed this roundup!  These are the items I’ve use thus far and consider to be products I have in my routine. Skincare is still a struggle for me since I am still looking for the ideal product. Any recommendations? Please list them below. 

What are some of your favorites in your routine right now?

Purple Vibes

This past weekend we were off to my cousin’s wedding. The day turned out to be a little breezy but perfect enough for pictures. My color scheme for my outfit was a bit indecisive at first. I’ve always stay in a black color palette (since black is my color comfort zone). But this time, I wanted to wear a color I do not normally wear. A sparkling, purple cocktail dress.

My Black High Heels are from amazon as well as my clutch purse I bought for $25.

The clutch purse had enough space inside to hold a couple of cash, cards, and my iPhone 8plus.

Now, a fashion tip: do not wear an actual bra when you have a spaghetti strap dress. If you are busty like me, it’s easier to wear a strapless bra instead. My secret to keep my chest “perky” enough….I do a lot of chest and back exercise through the work week.

Back to School: Makeup

The best season of the year is here! School is back in session! 

I would say that is my favorite season. I shop through Walmart or Staples to see how prices drop for school materials. New products for school lockers, binders etc. Can you tell I love school supplies. In addition, this means there are new clothing trends, fashion week is in NYC, and of course new makeup products that have lunch for school. Ideally, it would be great to have a Back to School “makeup” materials list that would be affordable to the average consumer. Let’s start with the basics:

  • Foundation: Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation. $38. This foundation definitely helps give a smooth, velvety finish on your face.You would not need concealer since this gives a nice medium coverage. This is a gluten-free, cruelty free, and vegan product. 
  • Eye Makeup: Colourpop California Love Palette $18. Colors are great for the fall season and for a natural glow look. No need to add to much color. Be yourself. Product line is Vegan and  Cruelty Free. 
  • Bronzer: NARS Mini Bronzing Duo $20. Get the mini duo of cream and powder colors for one price. Better for a budget-friendly purchase. Keep in mind that books are a priority, so buying a travel size product is essential to save money. Wear alone or layer together for a warm, sun-kissed glow. 
Image result for makeup
Do you have any suggestion on what should be on the back to school list. List them below. 

Happy School Year Kids!!!

Viva la Vacation

Coming from my vacation was not easy. I felt like I was on cloud 9. I wanted to feel relaxed and not deal with the stresses of the workplace. However, I did feel excited to write today how much fun I had.

We visited the Hard Rock Riviera Maya Resort. The decor was absolutely beautiful and completely exciting to visit + stay.

The beaches were amazing and the sun was at its highest. Within the first day, you were able to get an instant burn from the sun. Just make sure you have plenty of sunscreen.

We realized that after visiting this beauty country, we want to go on more trips soon I order to get away from our stresses of work to enjoy living. Paying bills is not everything and should not take over your happiness.

Exploring is key!!!

Where we off to next you ask? We Shall See……